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Will Eisner's New York

One Shot

With an unparalleled eye for stories and expressive illustration, Will Eisner, the master and pioneer of American comics art, presents graphic fiction's greatest celebration of the Big Apple. No illustrator evoked the melancholy duskiness of New York City as expressively as Eisner, who knew the city from the bottom up. This new hardcover presents a quartet of graphic works (New York, The Building, City People Notebook, and Invisible People) and features what Neil Gaiman describes as "tales as brutal, as uncaring as the city itself." From ancient buildings "barnacled with laughter and stained with tears" to the subways, "humorless iron reptiles, clacking stupidly on a webbing of graceful steel rails," Will Eisner's New York includes cameo appearances by the author himself; several new illustrations sketched by Eisner, posthumously inked by Peter Poplaski; and three previously unpublished "out-takes"—a treasure for any Eisner fan, and sure to become a collectible.

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Scénario : Eisner, Will
Dessin : Eisner, Will
Couleurs : <N&B>
Éditeur : W. W. Norton
Collection :
DL : 10/2006
Cote :
Format : Autre EO Cartonné Intégrale 
ISBN : 978-0-393-06106-2
Nb. Pages : 448
Langue :Anglais
Noté "First Edition" 7 pages d'introduction et notes de l'éditeur. 7 dessins inédits de Will Eisner et 3 reprises de dessins pour cette édition.