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George Sprott

One Shot

Site Internet : http://www.nytimes.com/ref/magazine/funnypagesSprott.html

Celebrated cartoonist and New Yorker cover artist Seth gives us the fictional life of George Sprott. On the surface, George seems a charming, foolish old man--but who is he? And who was he? Told as a patchwork tale, we come to know George, piece by piece, in a series of ''interviews'', flashbacks and personal reminiscences. It is a story about time, identity, loss, and the pervasiveness of memory. Though ultimately this is the story of a man's death, Seth leavens it with humor, restraint and a light touch.

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Scénario : Seth
Dessin : Seth
Couleurs : Seth
Éditeur : Drawn and Quarterly
Collection :
DL : 05/2009
Cote :
Format : Grand EO Cartonné 
ISBN : 978-1-89729-951-7
Nb. Pages : 100
Langue :Anglais