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Mister X (US)

Série finie

Set in Radiant City, a dystopian municipality similar to the Bauhaus and Fritz Lang's Metropolis, the series concerns a mysterious figure who purports to be its architect. His radical theories of 'psychetecture' cause the citizenry to go mad, just as he did, and he took on the mission to repair his creation.

In order to accomplish this he remains awake twenty-four hours a day by means of the drug ''insomnalin,'' all the while coping with a Dick Tracy–like rogues gallery and supporting cast including his long-suffering girlfriend Mercedes.

2(TPB) - The definitive collection volume 2

Scénario : Gaiman, Neil
Motter, Dean
Dessin : McKean, Dave
Couleurs : Rivoche, Paul
Éditeur : Ibooks
Collection :
DL : 02/2005
Cote :
Format : Autre EO Broché Intégrale 
ISBN : 1-596-87832-0
Nb. Pages : 197
Langue :Anglais