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One Shot

Copper is curious, Fred is fearful. And together boy and dog are off on a series of adventures through marvelous worlds, powered by Copper's limitless enthusiasm and imagination.

Each Copper and Fred story in this graphic novel collection is a complete vignette, filled with richly detailed settings and told with a wry sense of humor. These two enormously likable characters build ships and planes to travel to surprising destinations and have a knack for getting into all sorts of odd situations.

Copper Planche de l'album

Scénario : Kibuishi, Kazu
Dessin : Kibuishi, Kazu
Couleurs : Kibuishi, Kazu
Éditeur : Scholastic
Collection : Graphix
DL :
Cote :
Format : Autre EO Broché 
ISBN : 978-0-545-09893-9
Nb. Pages : 79
Langue :Anglais