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New Ghost (The)

One Shot

As a flock of ghosts drift through the night, one of their number struggles to keep pace with their speed and ethereal elegance. As a new recruit, the inexperienced spirit has a lot to get to grips with: flight and quantum tunnelling prove to be a little more difficult at first than most humans realise, for a start. Forced to learn on the job, a metaphysical shortcut to keep up with his comrades sees the phosphorescent phantom get stuck in a tree just outside the perimeter of the town's towering observatory.

Inside, Astronomer Tom is doing what he's been doing every night for years: manning the telescope and charting the night sky. Dedicated to his cosmic vigil, his deepest wish is to discover a new star. His belief is that if he can find one then maybe, just maybe, he could unravel its birth and publish a ground-breaking paper. Taking a look through his super-powered telescope, he suddenly spots a glowing anomaly in the neighbouring field. With a mixture of trepidation and curiosity he approaches the mysterious figure, every step unwittingly drawing him closer to the answers he has been seeking all along...

The new ghost

Scénario : Hunter, Robert
Dessin : Hunter, Robert
Couleurs : Hunter, Robert
Éditeur : Nobrow
Collection : 17x23
DL :
Cote :
Format : Autre EO Broché 
ISBN : 978-1-907704-14-7
Nb. Pages :
Langue :Anglais