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Graphic novel

One Shot

Stuck in a horrendous traffic jam on his way to his increasingly miserable job as an animator at Babbitt Jones Studios, a burnt-out and depressed Alex alternately rages, reminisces, fantasizes and hallucinates. Thus flashbacks to his earliest days as a starry-eyed young animator snagging his dream job, through the increasingly depressing political battles and creative compromises, with a love affair gone badly wrong along the way, alternate with scenes of an increasingly agitated present-day Alex, who imagines a series of increasingly violent deaths for himself.

Then again, are they in fact fantasies, or prescient flashes? Is a threatening car tailing Alex just a paranoid fantasy or a genuine threat? Readers will have to wait until the very end of this hugely ambitious graphic novel to find out.

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Scénario : Kalesniko
Dessin : Kalesniko
Couleurs : <N&B>
Éditeur : Fantagraphics Books
Collection :
DL : 01/2011
Cote :
Format : EO Broché 
ISBN : 978-1-606-99356-9
Nb. Pages : 412
Langue :Anglais