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The Cavalier Mr. Thompson

One Shot

Welcome To Big Spring, Texas and The Cavalier Hotel. A place brimming with all manner of colorful characters – horse thieves, roughnecks, shady lawmen, con men, oil barons, gamblers, bootleggers, flappers, dappers, wildcatters, railroad men, drunkards and murderers...

But Frank Hill, the proprietor of The Cavalier, has a new hotel dick (Nick Ford) to keep a sharp eye on folks who may cause trouble. Along with number one son, Sam Hill, The Cavalier should have been easy to patrol and kept duty free of any sort of criminal or unsavory activity.

That is, until Ross Thompson – a slick operator from Chicago — came into their humble abode and turned everything upside down. Not just the hotel, but the whole damn town! Big Spring was a just string of yarn for Mr. Thompson to pull and pull at, until the entire community came unraveled! Now you’ll have to crack open this here book for yourself to find out just how he done it...

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Scénario : Tommaso, Rich
Dessin : Tommaso, Rich
Couleurs : <Bichromie>
Éditeur : Recoil Graphic Novels
Collection :
DL :
Cote :
Format : Autre EO Broché 
ISBN : 978-1-606-99610-2
Nb. Pages :
Langue :Anglais