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Viewer (The)

One Shot

One by one strange images flickered to life. First, a scene of fearful chaos. The others, more luminous and eerie ...
THE VIEWER tells the peculiar story of a boy whose obsession with curious artefacts leads him to discover an strange box at a dump site. It proves to be an ancient chest full of optical devices, one of which captures his interest; an intricately mechanical object which carries disks of images; scenes of destruction, violence and the collapse of civilisations throughout time. The boy is afraid, but also cannot help but look into the machine time and time again as the images shift and change.

The viewer

Scénario : Crew, Gary
Dessin : Tan, Shaun
Couleurs : Tan, Shaun
Éditeur : Hachette
Collection : Hachette Childrens
DL :
Cote :
Format : Autre Réédition Broché 
ISBN : 978-0-7344-1189-1
Nb. Pages :
Langue :Anglais