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Messages in a bottle

One Shot

Working in comic books for just over a decade in the 1940s and '50s, Bernard Krigstein applied all the craft, intelligence, and ambition of a burgeoning "serious" artist, achieving results that remain stunning to this day. While his legend rests mostly on his landmark narratives created for EC Comics, dozens of stories for lesser publishers equally showcase his singular draftsmanship and radical reinterpretation of the comics page.

Harvey and Eisner Award-winning Krigstein biographer Greg Sadowski has assembled the very best of the artist’s work, starting with his earliest creative rumblings, through his glory days at EC, to his final daring experiments for Stan Lee’s Atlas Comics — running through nearly every genre popular at the time, be it horror, science fiction, war, western, or romance.

Messages in a bottle

Scénario : Krigstein, Bernard
Dessin : Krigstein, Bernard
Couleurs : Severin, Marie
Éditeur : Fantagraphics Books
Collection :
DL : 04/2013
Cote :
Format : Autre Réédition Broché 
ISBN : 978-1-606-99580-8
Nb. Pages : 242
Langue :Anglais