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Table Titans


Série en cours

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The Winotaur, gaming's greatest prize, is up for grabs, and the Table Titans intend to win it! Join Val, Alan, Andrew, and newcomer Darby as they embark on adventures, both at and away from the table, in their quest for gaming glory. All that stands between the Titans and the Winotaur is a new Dungeon Master, a rival gaming group, and their own insecurities.
The world's mightiest adventurers just rolled initiative on their First Encounter! A terrible beast is plaguing the City of Haverford. Citizens are going missing nightly, the garrison is lost, and help is out of reach. Can the Table Titans put aside their pride to save the fictional town of Haverford-and in the process, their friendships?

1 - First Encounters

Scénario : Kurtz, Scott
Dessin : Kurtz, Scott
Couleurs : Kurtz, Scott
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Format : Normal EO Cartonné 
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Langue :Anglais