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Mirabile Bestiarium

One Shot

Huge songbirds, gigantic snails, room-size storks and house-high dogs roam around abandoned cities and apartments. Silently and almost as a matter of course, they take the place of people. Could it be that everything is not as peaceful as it seems here?

The Italian artist Gabriella Giandelli's stories, subtly drawn in coloured pencil and pastel chalks, interweave the everyday and reality with beauty, poetry and mystery. Giandelli's almost naïve pictorial idiom, charged with dream-like, surreal, magical states, and her general abandonment of words render her works unmistakable. This magical, richly coloured parallel universe has the power to open our eyes and broaden our minds.

Mirabile Bestiarium Planche de l'album

Scénario : Giandelli, Gabriella
Dessin : Giandelli, Gabriella
Couleurs : Giandelli, Gabriella
Éditeur : Christoph Merian Verlag
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Format : À l'italienne EO Cartonné 
ISBN : 978-3-85616-980-0
Nb. Pages : 56
Langue :Italien / Allemand / Anglais